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  1. Greetings Chasers, we are reformulating the damage table of the characters that were previously balanced, the values that the first characters until the update of Veigas provide, it was a very high value than it should be, so all the characters entered a wave of readjustments of these values. Because of this, I ask you not to be alarmed, because balance is a consistent process, this unfortunately was primarily an adjustment of the value and did not fix the problems of each character, we removed some adjustments from PVP that was improperly entered into PVE Mode, we removed some effects th
  2. Saudações! Após uma semana do evento, o vencedor vai para: // Greetings! After one week of the event, the winner goes to: Primeiro Lugar // First Place @Ecdna "Padaria da Esquina" 500 VP Pergaminho de Propriedade Selecionável de GP (5 unidades) Essência Dourada (25 unidades) Pergaminho de Abertura (60 unidades)
  3. Você está sendo desqualificado por alterar o envio do design duas vezes, após o primeiro perdão.
  4. O envio que você postou é inválido. A captura de tela foi cortada e os HUDs desapareceram completamente. Exijo apenas uma captura de tela com o HUD ainda lá para provar que o design é de sua propriedade.
  5. Important messages for those who joined Playhouse Design Contest.


    Changing the decoration after first submission is not allowed. Failure to follow the rules count as disqualified. Keep posting again will be count flagged as spam.

    Cropping, removing the user interface, or any manipulative steps are forbidden. This will result instant disqualified, if you don't follow the rules. I demand a normal screenshot or edited that has been adjusted the color balance or brightness/saturation.


    Thank you.

  6. Good to hear, everything's under control. Have fun~ --- Topic Status: Solved
  7. PT-BR Saudações, cidadãos de Ernas! Uma casa é feita de paredes e vigas, uma casa é construída com amor e sonhos Nós estamos anunciando hoje o Concurso de Design da Residência para todos que amam decorar suas casas e fazer as pessoas se sentirem confortáveis. Compita contra todos para mostrar qual será o melhor design. O design pode variar, pode ser o mais simples ou até mesmo o mais louco que as pessoas nunca imaginariam. Depois que a apresentação acabar, terá dois juízes, incluindo eu, que irá rever todas casas e irá decidir qual será o vencedor desse evento. Você e
  8. 29/08/2020 - 5th Anniversary Grand Chase History


    My journey began as an Adventurer since 2016,
    I am a beta test player that come to play Grand Chase History when the server still Eternal.
    Even I invited some of my friends to come along, play Grand Chase History together in some internet cafe.
    It was really fun, and I remember that they announces "The Extermination of Uria" as their exclusive content and I am really excited with it. But unfortunately, since I got a job.. my playtime slowly fade from my life.

    Take a couple of years, 'til I back as an adventurer since 2018.
    I was pretty blind when there are so many changes, so then I came tag along with some members in Discord. Yeah, it feels like I'm a newcomer. Day by day, I have so much fun with them and actually I feel grateful. We're doing quest together, chit-chat everyday, and many things we did.

    2019, some of my friends stop continuing their journeys.
    It feels sad, but I respect their decision to leave the game. But, there's a hope.
    I finally met with them playing a same title but in different gameplay, and they even still remember me. Yep, that's when Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser was trending. But that's not stopping me to stay in Grand Chase History.

    Even though I am a wanderer, I still have a nice chat with some people that is very new for me. Until, I was called to become one of the team. Yep, 2019 is my first day becoming Staff Member. I feel grateful after a long journey, it comes that I am being one of the team, talk and deliver various events for Adventurers.

    And here we are, 2020.
    This day on 29th August, Grand Chase History has finally reached the age of 5 and that's a pretty spectacular number. I felt the various changes that Grand Chase History has made over the past 5 years, and I am proud with History Team to keep listening various feedback and delivers a great content for them.

    Happy 5th Anniversary, Grand Chase History.


    Also, in memoriam King T'challa.

  9. Soiya! Soiya! Soiya! Soiya! Soiya! SOIYA!~

  10. Greetings, Chasers! Another stage of the game's total balance has been completed. This time the debuff mechanics were completely modified to make the game environment more and more balanced, in contrast the HP of the raid monsters the Prophecy underwent changes. Most of these modifications were made so that in addition to making the Grand Chase have novelties in its gameplay, it was also made to improve the use of characters that suffer from great animations and multiple "delays" throughout the use of skills. Grand Chase was born as a game that had mechanics around it making sev
  11. Greetings Chasers, another stage of PvE balancing has been completed, from this one of the twelve disciples, Asin received extraordinary changes in his game mechanics, both for PvE and PvP. Check out the changes made to Asin in video format: New Skill Tree Buff Selection HUD: Command list for Buff Selection: + / / / JF (Just Frame) in Special Skills (Press at the right time) Skill Tree Requirements: Razor Air Kick Infinite Hand (Striking Snake Onslaught) Chaotic Storm
  12. To keep the Highlanders from getting in the way of their plans to become the Supreme God of Aernas, Ashtaroth found their sacred ruins and exterminated the entire clan. Afterwards, Ashtaroth used a powerful spell to "freeze" the place and seal the ruins. And it was there that immortals performed the ritual to gain their powers. Combining the energies of the ritual site, the magic of Ashtaroth and the massacre that has just taken place, a pool of mystical blood has emerged. This blood was charged with energy from the immortals and from all the negative feelings that clung to their souls at
  13. Greetings, warriors! We are still in this sad quarantine season. There was no June Party or Valentine's Day for us. For many people, this quarantine resulted in an increase in the amount of work and/or studies, since now everything is done inside the house. That goes for us here in History too! It is not easy. However, not everything is so bad! After a neat period of permanence from the past update, it's time to change! Even with the end of the month, we can't let our dear Saint John and our Valentine's Day go unnoticed here! It is enough for these dates to be canceled in real li
  14. Several lower head accessories of him have unmasked model applied. Usually come from the newest coordi accessories that possibly remove the mask model.
  15. Please post your in-game related problems in General Problems. Send your IGN and Screenshot where you mistakenly choose the wrong weapon. Thank you.
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