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  1. IGN: Amoria Special Christmas Message: I hope everyone takes care of themselves and their family this year. Cheer up everyone! Christmas Gift: Hero Dungeon Ticket (20u)
  2. Nickname: Amoria Murderer Hunch: (21) Members Killed Hunch: (11,31)
  3. Hey there! The list of the rewards given by the level 85-90 mission is usually good when you're starting out. The Legendary Hero crest is the second best crest in the game so I think the end result for clearing the entire questline is very good. It's not more for the exp, but more about the reward and the "exclusivity" of having the crest that not that many people obtained. It's more of a long term goal, though. Also, from level 85-90, Tower of Disappearence is a very potent (and fast) way to level up. I think it's worth it in the end, though!
  4. Hello there! First of all, welcome to History, we hope you enjoy your stay. There is no ETA for the maintenance to finish but it usually takes a couple hours. You will be able to see the events whenever the server comes back up. We usually disable the events after some time as a sort of "downtime" between updates. I invite you to get the Google Translate browser addon as it automatically translates the page's text into your language of choice. If you have more questions, feel free to ask!
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