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Episode 1: A New Tale


Today, I will tell you an tale. This tale is different than the official Grand Chase tale, so be prepared...

All characters I include in this story are entirely fanfictional, and also the events that happens here. Do you agree?

Yes...? Good, then. I will tell you how it started...

--------------------LINE BREAK--------------------

I'll note you... The episode will be divided into part. However, to enchant your reading, I suggest you check out Fanfiction, a site where you can create fanfictions. It's really cool!

Our adventure all started with a young, teenage child with brown, spikey hair, brown eyes, with glasses. Not exactly a timid one, not a happy one, but not sad, but not angry either. He was very void of emotions, but still he would rarely show it.

This person... who is it, you say? It is me, Michele, though you can call me Miky for short. Well, I should probably tell you how it all started, because after our adventures ended, we were in 40. 20 humans from Earth, and 20 of which belonged to Grand Chase team. Their name? I can't say for sure, but I do recall their name. We were teamed in a strange way; the human was the opposite gender of that Chaser associated with. By that, I mean that, if a female Chaser associates with a human, then the gender would be male, and so the personality would be similar... I don't recall.

You'll have to understand it yourself... I'll tell you all from the start...

Tokyo. Location: disclosed.

"I'm home, bro!" A girl shouted, while nudging me... poking me, I mean.

"...Chiara. Where were you off again?" I sigh as she was late from returning...

Oh, I probably forgot to mention it to you. She's my 'annoying' sister, Chiara. 'Annoying' as I would call her, because she's sometimes a jerk...

"Hey, brother. Are you writing a review about me?" She nudged me.

"Review? No, I'm not into reviews today. Now leave me alone, I have to do DD and get my Elesis to 85..." I sighed again. My Elesis was level 84, and I really loved her and her style. The only thing I hate is that peoples keep complaining about her being weak, and the 4th job is impratical. They don't understand that KOG is soon rewamping her.

"Oh, really? And what's that icon glowing?" She pointed to that app, which was my favorite game...

Grand Chase. Oh, I can truly feel it... but it's not a moment to be praising about it.

"What?" I repeated, confused, as I try to start up that app. But when it did, it covered my laptop into a black screen, with the text on the center...


"Setting up...? Not again...?!" I shouted as I try to repeatly press the power icon. But the laptop wouldn't shut down itself.

"Are you sure your laptop isn't infected?" She said, a bit worried.

"Hey, it's not my fault! I was always being careful..." I suddenly felt the wind.

"Wind? But we closed the windows... Unless..." She said as I looked at the laptop. It was making a strange black hole, which became larger, larger. It then suddenly became larger and... OH GOD THE HELL, IT STARTED TO SUCK US IN! WE HAD NO TIME TO REACT AS THIS HAPPENED!

"Noooooooooooo! I don't wanna die!" Chiara said these last words before we were sucked in.

----LINE BREAK----


A boy by the name of Jolo Herizo... as known as Jol... was playing Grand Chase. He knew English very well, so he could play that game. He was currently playing as Arme, her favorite character. He was fond of mages, and right now he was playing the DD dungeon. It was slow but painless, and finally...

"WOOHOO FIRST 85!" He shouted as he cheered. He just finally got Arme to level 85. It's the first time he reached the max level in a MMO game... he then heard a strange voice... which voice was it...?

Help me... I'm in bedroom...

When he heard it, Jol sat up.

"I keep reminding my sister not to start saying that. Last time he did that... no, I can't talk about that now!" He ran into the bedroom, and he eyed the lockhole. He checked to make sure there was no mess in his room, and then he entered. He then walked straight...

and straight...

and straight... wait a minute...

"What..." He did not finish his sentence as the bedroom turned into a black room. There was no platform below him...

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" He screamed as he fell.

------LINE BREAK------

AUTHOR NOTE: And here is it! This wraps up part 1 of the episode 1! That's why I told you earlier. This episode is going to be divided into parts, and that's why I told you that for better experience you should see Fanfiction site. As soon as I finish all parts of this episode, I will publish that episode on Fanfiction, with all parts in. For example, if I posted 8 times in row, and got to last part of the episode, then when I publish the episode on Fanfiction, that episode will have all 8 parts in. So if each part had 300 words, then the entire episode on fanfiction would have around 2,400 words. So I will assume the parts of Episode 1 are going to have around 200-250 words. It's  a bit complicated to explain it to you...

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