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Hotfixes: 21st November


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  • Elesis Knight:  [PVP]
  • - Round Stream: stun increased after initial charge, fixing irregularity where enemies could move during the skill;
  • Elesis Sword Master:  [PVP]
  • - Basic jump attack hitstun decreased by 2;
  • - Jump-up attack hitstun decreased by 1;
  • - Basic combo hitstun reduced by 3; 


  • Ronan Aegis Knight: [PVP]
  • - Double now hurls enemies high enough to make a grab;
  • Ronan Dragon Knight: [PVP]
  • - Jump attack tremor effect was reduced;
  • - Jump attack's hitlag was increased by 1 (makes the ottoshot a little slower);
  • - It is now possible to use the shallow down in the middle of the shallow up even outside the Erudon mode;
  • - Ronan now recovers immediately from the shallow up, being able to move without getting stuck by his animation;
  • Ronan Abyss Knight: [PVP]
  • - Jump attack tremor effect was reduced;


  • Mari Gunslinger: [PVP]
  • - Damage from the jump attack explosion increased by 100% (82 -> 164);
  • - Bullet damage from the jump attack increased by 15%;
  • - Cannon missiles damage was removed, restored to its original state where damage occurred only in explosions;
  • Mari Polaris: [PVP]
  • - First hit of the combo now leaves enemies hit by it standing;
  • - The entire combo's hitlag decreased by 2;
  • - No Mercy damage was increased by 20% in both hits;
  • - MP regeneration no longer has pauses when using-> + -> + <- + Z ou ↑ + ↓ + Z;


  • Dio:  [PVP]
  • - Native Jump attack tremor effect was reduced;


  • Magnus (Vanquisher Transformation): [PVP]
  • - Jump attack hitlag and hitstun was adjusted. Damage increased by 15%;
  • - Run attack's two first hits now leave enemies standing;
  • - Self-delay removed from Turning Breaker and Blinding Cross;
  • Ryan Vanquisher: [PVP]
  • - Dash Attack (Up) with the "Storm Blades" mode now raises the enemy 15% higher;
  • - Jump attack with the "Storm Blades" mode now starts to damage a few frames earlier;
  • - The whole combo hitlag with the "Storm Blades" mode has been reduced to the minimum possible;
  • - Xenocide Lancer damage from the "Storm Pike" mode was increased by 20%;


  • Zero: [PVP]
  • Defensive mode teleport range reset to original KOG standard;


  • Rin Dawn: [PVP]
  • - The improved combo no longer raises opponents or pauses Rin's MP regeneration. Instead, only the first hit of the combo stun the enemy and the last two have no effect on its motion;
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