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Guide For New Players


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Greetings Chasers!

In this topic, I will teach you the server schematics from creating your account till Endgame.

I often see people new to the server lost because they don't know what to do.
(History is a very complete server with a lot of new content, so it's ok. It's normal not to know everything)

I decided to create this topic to help as many people as possible.
Hope you like it =)


(Basic game concept)


1st Step - The first step when starting on the server is to acquire a Gacha Coordi Armor as soon as possible. By playing missions and completing quest's, you will acquire GP and will also drop the respective Sealed Gems for your character. A reasonable amount to get the package guaranteed is 120 Sealed Gems. After you have purchased enough Sealed Gems (GP), go to the K-Ching Shop and buy the Seal Breaker Scroll Pack (60) 4x, resulting in a total of 240 Seal Breaker Scroll. Each opening in the Coordi Armor System will consume 2 Seal Breaker and 1 Sealed Gem, and in addition to picking up the visual equipment, you will also be rewarded with Socket Gem / GC Club / Ring of Beefines.
Remember well the Ring of Beefines, it will be very useful for your leveling.

2nd Step - Your leveling will be in continent missions up to Level 21, or more. You will start in the Trial Forest and progress through the quests until you complete the above step. Remember to buy the Class Change Mission (GP) for your character at Level 20 (Only Veigas and Uno do not have 2nd Class. Veigas and Edel are already acquired at Level 19 and Dio at Level 30, however, to acquire it ( Dio), it is necessary to have another character with the same level or more.)
Once you reach Level 21, you can continue playing continent missions and if you want to skip a step or if your character doesn't have 2nd Class, you can go to Ellia's Dimensional Door, as this is the minimum level required to gain EXP there. However, you will need to have the mission opened. So, you will need to open it by yourself or you will have to ask some veteran player for help ( Which is no problem, just ask for help on Discord, that there is always someone ready to help). Stay at Ellia's Dimensional Door and only leave there after killing 3~5 bosses.
Ps: My suggestion is: If you decide to skip the step, open the full Coordi Armor System first and get the Ring of Beefines. It will maximize your EXP gain.
Ps²: PET is necessary for you to get a better rank in the Dimensional's Door's and that makes your leveling easier, making it easier and more enjoyable.

3rd Step - After leaving Ellia's Dimensional Door, you will probably be between Level 40~50. I recommend that you purchase the Class Change Mission (GP) (3rd Class) and complete it before progressing. If your character do not have 3rd Class, you must buy a Set from the GP Shop that is closest to your current level and equip it. Also remember to buy the Weapon and Cloak as they are sold separately. Go to Ellia's continent and open it to the mission Xenia Border, on the continent of Xenia. After that, you will unlock the Dimensional Door of Xenia, run it until you reach Level 65~70.
Finishing the Dimensional Door of Xenia, repeat the process, enter the GP shop, buy the Set with the closest level to yours and open the map to the Goblin Work Site quest in Alcubra to unlock the 
Dimensional Door of Alcubra play it untill you reach Level 75~80.
After that, repeat the process of buying Set, open the map again until the quest Hammer's Reach, in Archimedia. Once opened, play the Dimensional Door of Archimedia until you reach Level 85.
Phew, exausting right? But it's just in the explanation, stay calm. In practice it's so fast that you won't realize.



On the continent of Archimedia, which is currently the last continent, you will acquire a new quest upon reaching Level 85, called Retorno do Herói Lendário ( Just enter Thunder Hammer at Champion Mode as soon as you reach Level 85. If the quest doesn't appear, start and finish it. If it still doesn't appear, complete Kounat's Collapse on Champion Mode and return to Thunder Hammer ).
I confess that it will not be an easy journey, much less attractive, however, its necessary due to the high rewards. You will have two options from now on, which are:
A.) Continue your leveling to 90 at the Archimedia Dimensional Door and TOD ( Tower of Disappearance ).
B.) Perform the Retorno do Herói Lendário 85~90.
Ps: I think they do not have translated the name quest yet, so i writed in portuguese.

After reaching Level 90, you will have unlocked "The Prophecy" Raid. Currently the Chase History endgame quest.
Where you can craft the best set of equipment and accessories for your favorite characters.

But wait a second, before starting this journey, we need to get strong, don't we!?
Having explained the basic concept, let's go through the explanations of all the game's systems, and finally, comments, opinions and tips.

Notes: Upon reaching Level 85 it is recommended that you farm a Kaamos/Berkas Set or Eternal Guardian Set if the respective event is active. So you can go to Prophecy (85) to farm your Freyja Set and then go to Prophecy (90) to farm your Magi.
Notes²: You can also play Zeruel and Kounat's Collapse quests to drop their respective items and reach SS (45k Total Attack) to enter in the Tower of Disappearance. Use cards to maximize your stats. Below the Set's I will make a tutorial of endgame cards.



5th - Berkas (85) (Equips and Accessories) = You can craft specific parts at the Forge, exchanging the necessary materials for each part. It's not too hard to do, but it's a set that you can easily "skip" to the next ones.

4th - Kaamos (85) (Equips and Accessories) = Kaamos is a little stronger version of Berkas, but it's Ice. You can craft it at the forge by gathering the necessary materials and exchanging for the specific part that you need (The Concentrated Magic Crystal drop rate it's too low and you will need a lot of them at the Herói Lendário de Bronze quest. So isn't really recommended craft this set). Another way is by dropping it when playing the Dimensional Door of Archimedia.

3rd - Eternal Guardian (85) (Equips and accessories) = This set can only be acquired through the exclusive event quest, The Extermination of Uria. Every time that you complete the mission, you will earn 8 Ancient Coins and you will exchange them for specific equipment's and accessories at the forge, 64 Ancient Coins for equip's/accessories and 92 Ancient Coins for weapons.

2nd - Freyja (90)(Equips only) = You can exchange 20 Poeiras da Deusa do Amor ( Doesn't translated yet, i'll say Dust to refer ) for a random chest or 60 Dust for a selectable chest. Dust is acquired in normal missions at a very low rate (You will only drop dust in normal quests if you have reached level 90 ), in the Archimedia Dimensional Door at a medium rate and in the mission The Prophecy (85) which is located in the continent of Archimedia with a permanently rate, from 1 to 3 dusts per time. Also, you get some Freyja Random Piece Chests in Bronze Legendary Hero quests (Herói Lendário de Bronze in portuguese).

1st - Ancestral Magi (90)(Equip's and Accessories) = You craft it by exchanging 25 Golden Essences for each item at the forge. Golden Essences are acquired 1 by 1 by completing the level 90 Epic Challenge "The Prophecy". The mission requirement is to be Level 90 and SS, if you are Lime, Veigas or Amy (Because they are support characters they don't need to be as strong as the others). If you want to start with another character other than these 3, I suggest you make the Freyja Set + Legendary Bronze Hero Crest ( Título do Herói Lendário de Bronze in portuguese ). Because without that, they will hardly accept you in the Raid.



(Chase History Exclusives)


Before starting to show the best cards, I need to point out that the focus of the game is to maximize offensive power as much as possible. Therefore, defense is an outdated thing.
The main property options are: Attack, Special Attack, Critical Rate, and Critical Damage.
I suggest to you let the characters Lime/Veigas/Amy with an amount that approaches 100% MP Recovered (Before crafting your Full Magi Set)
I recommend that when building your final set's (Ancestral Magi), you remove the Special Attack option and put MP Recovered (till reach 60%) in items (x3 items). Do not put them in the card slots.

Ps: These are just suggestions. Ingame you will find some people with different status. However, this is just a Tutorial/Tips topic. Everyone chooses what makes them most comfortable.
PS²: I will provide the primary (Rare to obtain), secondary (Most affordable) and maybe tertiary options.


1st) Shubalu

Acquired through drop in the Dark Library mission, on the continent of île de Frost. (As this is the only damage card, I will only show this one. If you don't have it, you can use Vitality or Defense cards)


1st) Queen Gorgos (Rainha Gorgos in Portuguese)

Acquired through drop in the Queen Gorgos event-mission.


2nd) Gorgos Corrompido ( In portuguese )
Acquired by dropping from the Dimensional Door of Archimedia or by dropping from the Land of Judgment Special Card Chest.

3rd) Vairne*
Acquired through drop in the Dimensional Door of Archimedia, Relics of Kounat,
Archimedia's Portal Chest (Portal Boss) or Archimedia's Continent Chest (Event Quests)


4th) Golem*

Acquired through drop in the Dimensional Door of Arquimedia, Zeruel, Archimedia's Portal Chest (Portal Boss) or Archimedia's Continent Chest (Event Quests)
*As the 1st and 2nd card is almost impossible to obtain, I added the 3rd and 4th option to this list.


Shoes/Lower Armor

1st) Astaroth

Acquired through chests of: Archimedia Portal(Portal Boss) or Archimedia Continent(Event Quests)
Drop in the event-mission Kounat's Mental Collapse or Kounat's Collapse


2nd) Gadosen Corrompido (In portuguese)
Acquired by dropping from the Dimensional Door of Archimedia or by dropping from the Land of Judgment Special Card Chest


1st) Cazeaje (Forma Humana) (In portuguese)

Acquired by dropping from the Dimensional Door of Archimedia or by dropping from the Land of Judgment Special Card Chest

2nd) Berkas

Acquired by dropping at Berkas Hero Dungeon


( Chase History Exclusive )

Available at the forge for 30 Blood Drops and 64 Hero's Bullion. Only available during the period of the mission-event: The Extermination of Uria


Acquired by completing 30 times the mission-event Angry Boss at Hell Mode


Coroa de Alucard (In portuguese)
Available at the forge for 150 Vampire Souls. Only available during the quest-event period: Illusory Valley


Coração da Imperatriz (In portuguese)
Old crest of the exclusive event-mission Winter's Veil (This title will be reformulated in the future. For now, there is no way to acquire it)


Presente do Santamon (In portuguese)
Available at the forge for 120 Christmas Boots. Only available during the mission-event period: Santamon's Land


Prova do Herói (Also in portuguese )
Acquired in Step 1 of the Level 87 Quest of the Herói Lendário de Bronze.


Herói Lendário de Bronze (In portuguese)
( 3rd better crest )
Acquired by finishing the Herói Lendário de Bronze quest, after an arduous path.

Regicida da Matriarca do Fogo ( portuguese )
( 2nd better crest )

Acquired by playing the playing the mission Queen Gorgos 300 times


O Revelador da Falsa Profecia ( Also in portuguese )
( Better crest )
Acquired by completing The Prophecy(90) 350x.



Below, I'll let some links, I recommend you check them out too.
(I'll add more links on future )

Visual Closet

Ps: Please, if you find something wrong or something to increase topic, feel free to comment below and i'll analyze.

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